A Christmas 2009 update


After more than 4 years, my appeal in the Netherlands against my conviction for driving under the influence of Cannabis on the Utrecht by pass continues.

At my second visit to the Appeal Court in Arnhem in front of three new senior judges a couple of weeks ago, it was agreed to accept all the past evidence told in front of previous Judges, phew!

The Court also agreed to accept a new report from The Committee for the Assessment and Monitoring of Drugs( CAM ) presented by the defence, an authoritative government funded report on Cannabis.

The Court also agreed to hear further evidence from expert witnesses from the forensic department of the Police for the prosecution and from independent witnesses from CAM . for the defence.

Next Court of Appeal date is March 9th in Arnhem . I have been told that this will be the final court appearance and there shall be a final verdict, surely only the case if we win

I have no complaints about the amount of time the case has taken so far if it means the reliable evidence comes to the right conclusion. I think the original court verdict of a large fine and 6 month license suspension has been dropped because of the amount of time it has taken so far, something about natural justice.  Certainly, in the 18-24 year old bracket, smokers of Pot are far more of a risk when driving, exactly the same as with alcohol, except that as you get older, you continue to be a menace if you drink and drive which is not the case with Pot. The evidence says that if you are a regular and experienced smoker of Pot, your reaction times are not affected and you drive slower and therefore safer. The evidence tells us this.

The Police want to introduce a roadside test for Pot in the same way as a breathalyser work for alcohol but they are not the same and do not work for pot. Since thc from Pot stays in your blood for up to a month, no drug detecting device exists that can tell you if your driving is adversely affected.

Many studies indicate that Cannabis use heightens the risk of accidents. Driving ability and reaction speeds, perception and attention, are all affected.

With 5 nanograms of thc in the blood, 35% of drivers show a decrease in driving ability.

With 14 nanograms per millilitre of blood, the level that I was tested with, 70-80% show a decrease in driving ability.  I believe that I was among the 20-30% unaffected, an experienced and medical user. After 42 years driving and medical marijuana user with no accidents and maximum no claims bonus on my insurance, this is a victimless crime by the state encroaching on the rights and freedom of the individual.

Official research tells us that experienced users drive more slowly and carefully and avoid risk by keeping their distance. However for users overall, it does not offer complete compensation for diminished driving performance.

I hope the following info is correct! 

300 picograms per kilo of your weight is equivalent to a blood/alcohol level of .05 per millilitres of blood which is equivalent to a 1 gram grass in a joint smoked by the average person. I had smoked the equivalent of thirteen joints. My medicinal grass must have been stronger than theirs.  

More research is becoming available, look out for The Druid research, its official  - “Driving under the influence of Drugs.”  

I know that it does not sound very lovedup but our Prime Minister is also an enormous hypocrite and shithead, if you will pardon the expression, his holy trinity is a marriage of Religion, big business and the banks! Can someone tell me why instead of bailing out the banks, he did not give the money to homeowners who could not afford to pay the banks who could then pay the mortgage companies who could pay all debts. It must be because it was a fraudulent exercise and in its own way, continues to be so. 

Scientific experts who are his advisers tell him one thing, and he does something else because it suits him and he has the power..  The most recent example is the resignation of Prof Nutt, Chairman of the Drugs Advisory Committee together with half a dozen, or so, fellow independent advisers. The only reason the whole lot did not resign is because the rest of the Committee members represent official including Government bodies. We elect him to do the right thing yet he is in the pay of others.

                                                                       No profit from weed is its only misdeed

                                                                       So again our Government acts for corporate greed

                                                                      To profit from petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, coal and oil

                                                                      While heaping abuse on a plant grown in soil  

Gordon Browns insistence on upgrading Cannabis from Class c to Class b despite his official experts protests means a billion pounds to the lawyers, 100,000 Pot prosecutions a year at £10,000 each in the UK .  Prisoners transported by private companies to Prisons now run by private companies. Small change compared also to the billions earned by the pharmaceutical, power, oil and paper companies all afraid of competition from hemp, the male, the non intoxicating wonder plant. Seriously, look at the evidence, Cannabis is a wonderful food and fuel, it even decontaminates soil The fact that we have thc receptors in our brain proves that it was used extensively by mankind in an earlier age and was linked closely to our development. Calvin Klein said it was his number 1 choice for fashion. With the right threshing machines, hemp fibre can be made softer and stronger than anything else and grows a good deal faster, its actually bloody outrageous, we have lost the knowledge and need to rediscover and relearn how to produce threshing machines that work for hemp!!  

It is not only in drugs but all areas that Gov't  interferes to the detriment of the Community. As politicians, they have no hands on experience in education, health, transport, drugs etc and need to rely on experts. It is a mockery when they ignore advisers. We need rules but they interfere in the wrong things. Amsterdam, where freedom and toleration is encouraged, has many rules -including making sure useful building do not stay empty for too long, refuse disposal etc They normally tolerate even a small amount of “hard” drugs for personal use, up to half a gram of powder and a couple of pills, yet have much less of a hard drug problem, even though Amsterdam attracts amore than its fair share of misfits.

It is good for the Community when that clown Mr Brown's Private Finance initiatives mortgage future generations to guaranteeing paying a profit to private companies, it stinks He should take again the policies of Labours post war Government and bring all basic utilities into Government control as well as the railways. People are eager for public service, to help make a difference.  The Tories are even worse, if they won, we would end up with another 50 bankers in Parliament  

Ever since the first World War when America overtook England in the International stakes, America has plugged its own business dominated interest to the detriment of all others. And England continues to follow American big business values and not European Community ones. Their domination of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the World Trade Organisation (WTO) means Cannabis is demonised and evidence suppressed, even for Hemp. America continues to dominate by threats and bribes, especially third world committee members to get their selfish, short sighted way!  Fortunately, under Obama’s insistence, medical marijuana is no longer under threat from the DEA and the pendulum moves slowly back towards toleration, at long last.

But Governments have their head in the sand on the biggest issue, from climate change. W need to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions yet Governments and business continue to plan for growth even after scarce resources are in dwindling supply. Easijet and Ryanair are hardly make a profit while pumping the air full of toxins, BEA an enormous loss.  Growth is not the answer to the Worlds problems, we need a redistribution of wealth and values. The richest country in the World, America , is also the most stressed, especially from over consumption. Its good for business when people eat more. Instead, we need to learn from each other, not steal from each other! Europe and especially Portugal is showing the way with solar energy! finding advantage from misfortune. Live with the seasons.  Get political! And celebrate diversity, different people, different places and different times. We need to expand the European Community into a Worldwide one.  

On a more personal note, instead of sending cards this year, I shall be making a contribution to my local dealer of mother earth’s natural bounty while wishing you all season’s greetings!

I will also celebrate with taking Santo Daime (ayahuasca) with a group. It is a loose federation of expanding minds. It is not a cult except if you classify cult as a subversive activity looking for personal and even political change and medicine for mind and body. It is official in Brazil and elsewhere. I do not think I am religious and dislike organised religion. It is therefore ironic that I should be enjoying nature’s benefits in a Church. It taken me about 12 years to get over the hang ups from a catholic upbringing and I have now stopped banging my head against the wall. Where else can I enjoy a gift of nature in a proven ritual in a safe and secure environment and enjoy a natural gift that involves singing and dancing with loads of others. After a while, the Portuguese songs that we sing sound like No 1 records, honest!..

Another of mother earths almost miraculous bounty, from the shavings of a root from the iboga plant taken in ritual, can cure heroin and crack cocaine addicts in a one hit ritual  cure providing the addict really want to stop. Unfortunately, there is not much money for drug companies to be made from one hit cures. I know it can work. I have seen it work. There are big issues at stake.

If I am going to get Religious, or just plain spiritual, Mother Earth is our provider whose bounty is the key to providing heaven on earth. With Mother Nature a religion, then for those that need a religion or even a good cause would have a cause truly worth fighting for. Its bounty would become our salvation. If only it could include the religious right, with more outlets than petrol stations and post offices combined, and help serve by making good all of our once in a billion year plundering of the Worlds resources. With plants such as Cannabis including hemp, ayahuasca, and Ibogaine, we have natural gifts that when properly taken provide both personal and community salvation,


Richard Jakubowski


Merry Xmas, I am off looking for Santa, life is an illusion!