June 2011

Legal update.

It is confirmed that my next Court appeal In the Dutch Court for my conviction for driving dangerously under the influence of marijuana will be in the Dutch Supreme Court sometime within the year.

I was originally fined 600 euros and had my English driving license suspended in Holland for 6 months and I have ben appealing ever since. In any case, How can the Dutch take away something that they did not give me in the first place!

The Supreme Court is a procedural Court only interested if there has been a failure in procedure rather than hearing new evidence. This is not a Court where I am expected to turn up, proceedings are behind closed doors and we are given a verdict in writing.

Fortunately, we provided a mass of statistical evidence at the original hearing some 6 years ago. Needless to say, we expect to win. I did not deny smoking marijuana, what I deny is that the marijuana I smoked caused me to drive dangerously. I was charged with having 0.010 -0.012
milligrams per litre of t.h.c. in my blood. This is a tiny amount and equivalent of having smoked half a joint sometime within the previous 48 hours. 
I almost feel like complaining to my dealer 
The Dutch research "risk estimation Cannabis 2008" confirms that there are users whose driving is not negatively affected by T.H.C. This research backs up a mass of anecdotal evidence that regular users modify their driving habits and drive slower and therefore safer than occasional and non users. 

While there exists a blood alcohol limit for alcohol, none is available or even possible for Marijuana. 
On the existing evidence presented and the hard evidence available, with the level of T.H.C from Marijuana in my blood, I contend that as an experiened user, I would have been in the bracket of 40% of adults whose driving would not have been affected rather than the 60% whose driving would have been affected. 

Unfortunately, the Court always accepts the evidence of the police as final and while I would not dare to suggest that the excellent Dutch police would lie, I do think this particular motorcycle policeman might have made a mistake or maybe he is some kind of Joker, a merry police prankster. It is because he has made a "mistake" that I continue to appeal. 

Although normally taking a stoical attitude, since the motorcycle policeman said he saw me dozing, actually nodding off, at the wheel, I feel I must protest. Touchwood, I have been driving a long time without a problem, with a clean driving license and a full 7 years no claims discount on my insurance. I have continued to do so with another 100,000kms on the clock since appealing against this conviction. 

I am fascinated that sitting on his bike overtaking me on the left of my right hand drive car, that he could possibly see my face except maybe in my driving mirror. He must have X ray specs, our guardian of the future.

He also claims I was accelerating up close to cars in front and then slowing right down and also going from side to side continually changing lanes. Surely in any case evidence not consistent with someone falling asleep at the wheel.Its bloody ridiculous. I was taught that you overtake and then move back to your lane. I do not know what he is talking about and will not get the chance to find out.
I am registered with my doctor as a medical marijuana user. Since t.h.c. can stay in your blood for up to a month, I can effectively no longer take my medicine and drive. |

I am convinced that future generations will discover the truly miraculous benefits of marijuana, as a medicine and as a healer. Even now, recent research in Holland is showing that marijuana can help avoid the risk to women of getting breast tumors. Truly amazing!
It may not be for everyone, but then what is?

And reflect that during the shortages of WW 2
Henry Ford made a car with an organic brew
a composite car comprising 80% Hemp
Ten times stronger than steel though of a natural bent

"Grow Hemp for Victory" the cry went out,
Why import what we can do without!

A plant that grows wild and free everywhere
Cannabis Sativa its correct Latin name
Its benefits to mankind then miraculous
now reaps derision and blame

Now more than ever, the truth is there to see
A plant, a saviour, more than alcohol, coffee, nicotine ot tea
It provides food and clothing and building material too
This plant is a healer for more than a few

No profit from weeds is its only misdeed
so again our leaders act for corporate greed
to benefit from pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, dirty coal and oil
while heaping abuse on a plant grown in soil

What on earth is going on,
when something so right is said to be wrong
Up has become down, left has become right
the truth remains firmly out of sight

It is obscene that American business and their laws now decides for the rest of the World what Mother Nature is allowed to provide. 

How can anything that is a gift from Mother nature be considered illegal?

If I lose in the Supreme Court, we plan to go to the European Court.