November 2010 

As the personal and physical swamp the World's stage, but not quite yet, as bodies change shape, there are for my own benefit other things I still need to repeat to get off my chest for my own therapy and benefit, my need to write them down, the need to explain even though I know that I will never have the answers, not quiet yet! Like some good things that have happened, like miracles, like roses growing from shit, like F.C of United of Manchester, like Amsterdam, like a reborn Germany, like Rygoord, like kids, real communities and I need to acknowledge and talk them up and tell what we know so that maybe our kids can come up with some more answers. What the fuck!

 I have not updated these pages for some time because there has been no more news from the Courts until now and now it is decision time again.

To recap, I was convicted outside Utrecht some 5 years ago for driving under the influence of marijuana and had my driving license for Holland taken for 6 months and a 700e fine. I have been appealing in the Courts ever since so have not yet paid the fine or lost my license. Incidentally, how can the Court in Holland take away my license when they did not give it to me in the first place? I am a medical marijuana user as confirmed by my local NHS doctor.  

Since the t.h.c., the active ingredient in Marijuana, stays in your blood for up to 28 days, I can in effect, no longer drive and take my medicine.

I am not that concerned about losing my license for Holland, I would enjoy to cycle across it in a day, its that I am another victim of the Government again not taking impartial expert evidence instead dictating the needs of big business. The system is insidious and it stinks! and Who cares, wins! Or is it my ego playing its part as the Court case starts to rumble again. Frankly, what a wonderful gift, to have a cause worth fighting for, to fight for Mother Nature.  

The next Court case is not concerned with the evidence, only now with the procedure. I can only win the next appeal if there has been a mistake in procedure. Blow me down with a feather, there has been a big mistake in procedure and we could well win. I wonder if it was in my first Court appearance when the Judge finally asked if I had anything briefly to say and I replied that there were three things I'd briefly like to say starting with the fact that the prosecution were  talking out  of their arse. I got no further, the Court descended to chaos and I was convicted with no more time wasted.  

I need another meeting with my lawyer, easier said than done. I will let you have more news after that meeting which should take place before Christmas.  

Maybe at some point we will be able to present overwhelming evidence as to the unique and beneficial qualities of both Hemp and Marijuana for body and soul.

The evidence really is overwhelming so we would win and the lawyers will be a bit richer.

For my benefit, to repeat,  

No profit from weed is its only misdeed

so again our leaders act for corporate greed,

to benefit from Pharmaceuticals, petro-chemicals, dirty coal and oil,

while heaping abuse on a plant grown in soil,  

And reflect, that Not that long ago, during World War 11,

Henry Ford made a car from an organic brew,

A composite car comprising 80 per cent hemp

Ten times stronger than steel, though of an organic bent  

Grow HEMP FOR VICTORY, the cry then went out,

why import what we can do without

A plant that grows wild and free everywhere

Cannabis Sativa its correct Latin name

Its benefits to mankind then overwhelming

now reaps derision and blame  

Now more than ever, the truth is there to see

a plant, A saviour, more than coffee, nicotine, alcohol and tea

It provides food and clothing and is a wonderful medicine too,

THIS PLANT IS A HEALER, and a healthy nutritional food.  

Cannabis Sativa plant is a miracle. Smoking Marijuana, though, is not for everyone, what is? As with everything else, problems can happen if you smoke too much, tobacco is the real killer. There is an ex alcoholic gentleman, lets call him Tony T, in London, who supplies Pot to HIV and AIDS sufferers, directed to him by their doctor, and they swear to its pain relieving qualities, its their best of medicines. And who are we to deny them. Tony has been on the front line for some time, he has had to put up with many consequences, he deserves a medal. On the other hand, Dr. Guy of GW chemicals has got stinking rich from Cannabis Sativa. He started the Company about 20 years ago uniquely with an official license which recently put an aerosol on the market. He has secret ha ha farms. During that time, countless have invested in his Company only for him to water down the shares, to take the money, not put it into the company. He should smoke the stuff. He has it sown up, It’s paying lip service.  

Hemp, the male of the plant, the one that does not get you high but guarantees a headache, has many other truly miraculous qualities. Read about it in the attached "so great the gift, so little the sin", a real saviour and a gift of Mother Nature. When growing, it even decontaminates the soil.

The Government on behalf of Pharmaceutical companies will not acknowledge Cannabis Sativa's benefits because the Pharmaceutical Industry finds it is difficult to make money out of it cause virtually everyone can grow it.

In the US, The pharmaceutical industry alone employ the equivalent of three full time lobbyists for every single Congressman and Senator based in Washington with large amounts to donate and, of course, the Government has to return the favour.

This is the American and British Corporate system which is different to that in Europe excluding Britain where the needs of the Community come first rather than those of big business. The European system is not perfect but it is the best there is, Plant the seed!  

There are other natural products on the same highest of pedestal as gifts to mankind, to improve the quality of life, Ayahuasca and Ibogaine, which are also under threat from the authorities.

They are very different from each other and the rituals for taking them too accept that each ritual makes the experience.

In their own way, they both promote a shared experience for the community and the knowledge that we are all brothers and sisters.  

Ayahuasca from the South American rainforests is a unique natural substance, made from a vine with a leaf, can truly enhance well being and life if taken in the right circumstances.

Some who first take it by themselves risk never wanting to do it again, taken in a group with singing and dancing

can be sublime, or not.  Ayahuasca is called Santo Daime when taken in the Santo Daime Reigious group, from Brasil, and is officially recognised and approved.

Research in Brasil has shown it helps physical and mental well-being, and it really is for everyone. The ritual of singing and dancing totally makes the experience and you can only experience it if you are there in the middle of it.

By concentrating on dancing and singing the songs, you are unable think of other useless rubbish that can go on in the mind. The pleasure valve to the brain can get turned full on, you are in the light.

This valuable gift officially recognised in America and the Netherlands and legal if carried out within the Santo Daime Community. Viva!as conformed by the European Court  

There are "Shamans" get introduced by Santo Daime to Ayahuasca and then use it as a basis to do their own thing, start their own group. They resign from the "Church" and start their own  with their own songs and practice. There had always been a sort of understanding with the authorities that Santo Daime, though it may be available to all, is not advertised, it’s underground although now overground. Nor can one take responsibility from the consequences for turning someone else’s life around. A new group had a week long summer camp for hundreds and a few days’ later nine police men turn up at the Shamans home and bust the Shaman and his wife for living off the earnings. The first thing the Shaman does is cut his hair and Jesus like beard and phone the Santo Daime lawyer. Santo Daime in its  own way has brought the recalcitrant back who is actually a bit of  a hero for introducing daime to others, he is also a wonderful musician. The biggest fear is the reporter from the Sun who will sensationalise and trivialise, not concentrating on the issues, which will make their life extremely difficult.  The Sun will make up a story if they cannot find one.

I have been involved with Santo Daime for about 15 years coming across it first at the Church in Rygoord and then in the UK and Brasil. Everyone wears white and if you commit to the spirit of Santo Daime, you become a Fardados and wear a star, some people think it a bit weird, but it does provide a safe and secure environment to celebrate nature while singing and dancing in a group where everyone is supposed to stay in their own space.

Anthropologists inevitably become Fardados, Viva! 

And Ibogaine  the shavings from the root of the iboga plant from Gabon in Africa, among other things offers a one hit cure for addiction, and it works! In a clinic in South Africa, it has had a better than 60% success rate with over 500 hard drug addicts 3 months after their treatment. No wonder the pharmaceutical companies through the Government put it down, they do not want the competition.  

The Drugs trilogy of Cannabis Sativa, Ayahuasca and Ibogaine, more valuable even than rice and potatoes, more like water and air. Gifts that can enhance our lifestyle and well being.

Mother Nature really does provide more than enough for everyone’s needs. Instead, these gifts are demonised. Instead, latest research shows that Prozac, the industries wonder drug for years, was absolutely useless causing as many problems as it cured, With their millions, the Drugs industry - Pharmaceutical companies continue to deceive.

In the UK, there are 160,000 alcohol related deaths a year and 100,000 tobacco related deaths. No one has ever died from smoking too much Pot. Who is kidding who?  

Corporate man for profit motive profits the individual at the expense of the Community.

There is more than enough for everyone and still billions go without. It is an unfortunate fact of life that many people will try and take advantage of the system, whether they are unemployed claiming extra benefit, M.P.'s claiming their expenses, or Corporations avoiding taxation and making profit. The influence and power of the latter make strong rules for them essential. Big society calls for a big Government. Instead the new British Gov't is cutting back on employment, economically illiterate, not learning the lessons of before or even that of their closest neighbour Ireland who is now facing meltdown after following current Conservative economic policy. It is fortunate that many people are prepared to put themselves out if they think they can help put right a perceived injustice. 

Its a tale of two cities "it is the best of times, it is the worst of times"   

In Europe, after a thousand years of fighting culminating in two world wars that achieved new highs for numbers dead. Germany and France said how can we make sure that war never happens between us again? This led to economic cooperation and what was to become the European Union. France and  Germany agreed to share the coal and ore on the boundaries

The economic cooperation fuelled the political motor powered by German productivity and work ethic and French bureaucracy with Benelux at the heart

and Britain unfortunately not, its own heartbeat closer to America.

The rest of Europe have also to thank Germany, as I splutter, as Germany continues to try and make up over the last 60 years for previous adventurous military disasters. Their hard work for long hours, their efficiency in design and Production has led to trade surplus that has fuelled Europe’s growth.  Europe has been prepared to help their poorer neighbours

Their green credentials are second to none and a wonderful example.

The European Union is like no other expansionist continent, it invites neighbours to join the club if they agree with the rules with the very real intention of bringing the poor up to the standard of everyone else. It started with a couple, nine countries signed the treaty of Rome and it now comprises 27 countries.

One guiding principle of Europe is that it is not happy to see the poor, suffering or hungry.

Berlin and Amsterdam and Paris, Brussels and Barcelona, now Warsaw, soon maybe even Istanbul,

Its citizens able to look each other in the eye, without guile or guilt, brothers and sisters, taking some responsibility for each other.  

In the EU., the official policy is that there is an accountability for all and also to inclusivity - everyone who is interested can be involved with a network of groups open to all using fully, the first ever, the full benefits of the internet Diversity-celebrate our differences  

Quality of life, like Walking sitting, meeting and talking is good, driving is bad.  

Deep play. The weekend starts mid day Fri. You are not your jobs  

Sustainability.  Grow for the future. In a 30 miles by 30 miles patch in the Sahara, Solar panels could power Europes needs. It needs World solutions to the Worlds problem  

Universal Human Rights, brothers and sisters.

Rights of Nature, mother Earth our provider while Corporate man squanders its once in a billion years bounty of the Worlds resources.  

Peace on Earth, starting with Europe, next the World! True freedom means absence of fear. Russia is a criminal state where half of all men at some time spend time in jail, often for their beliefs. China is a totalitarian state, Europe is not perfect, but is the best there is  

What a wonderful set of principles, dare I say a credit to the EU.  

German generosity to their neighbours needs to be applauded as do their green credentials. The German state even take responsibility for protecting animals, virtually no animal testing in Germany, describing animals as sentient beings with feelings and consciousness. They really are trying to make up for previous mistakes. I think I know what you are thinking. Their green credentials exist on many levels. Manufacturers in Germany by law are obliged to take care of their packaging of their goods. Consumers can return to the retailer empty packaging and the manufacturer is responsible which means eventually that far less packaging is produced

While our new British Gov't is without principles, promoting vigorously corporate rather than Community, widening even further the gap between the rich and poor, and creating social discontent and a lack of empathy between brothers and sisters. It seems that every generation for themselves have to experience the selfishness and self interest serving Conservatives. For once, the Popes advisers got it right, England has become a third World Country for most of its inhabitants  

And again the great con from US and UK, the rich benefiting from the financial crisis and the poor have to pay, removing even lower the social net. The system has been created by the rich for the benefits the rich!  

Still, the quality of life for most of the community of Europe far exceeds those of America yet Murdoch's all powerful News Corporation promote with the mischief right wing D.J's, shock jocks, promoting the right wing Corporate system as the ideal.  

He does not like Europe, it puts people before his profit,

so at every turn his media make mischief their topic

Sensation and trivia their headline agenda

the true spirit of the Community his dailies offends.  

In America, Murdoch's Fox news is able to set a right wing agenda for the benefit of Corporations and the rich. In Europe, by countries joining together, they are strong enough to fight off his domination. The UK and America are already under his media domination and idiots believe Murdochs' Sun, News of the Screws, Times, Fox, Sky, Reuters, just some of his media when it says Brussels wants to dictate the shape of Bananas.

Telling the visionary Delors "up yours" typical of his level of debate  

The US offered shock and awe

In Europe its agreed by all.

Consensus makes sense to us  

America ready to use their power

Europe prefers to say it with flowers  

Europe still a very real Community so different from America which is based more on self reliance and the individual overcoming all the odds even when the odds are stacked with no social net to fall back on. Dog eats dog. In Europe, Greece got bailed out by the EU and ready for Ireland and Portugal and anyone else too despite what you might have read.

"Americans place such a high premium on autonomy, isolated from the whole, capable of standing alone. Europeans are more supportive of the precautionary principle, the sense of everything being connected to everything else. Every action has a reaction. Americans tend to be more optimistic believing individual human effort can overcome all odds whereas Europeans tend to be more cynical appreciating that some need more help than others at certain times. And Europeans believe more that nothing exists in isolation, everything exists in relation to everything else. Americans tend to be more optimistic and self reliant. Europeans tend to be more cynical, knowing that every action has a reaction, appreciating that most need a helping hand at some point in their life.

It’s a miracle that overcame the odds when Europe said we are all in this together, it’s the whole community, a World Community, which is the only one that can solve the Worlds problems. If countries were people, Europe would be for me a wise man, China older and wiley, America a young overweight, the UK a middle aged delinquent, Italy a selfish idiot and Germany the prefect showing the way.  

One result of following a corporate, competitive system is that America die the most from stress. It follows through in all areas of society. Americans imprison more than 10 times of its population than the UK which itself has the highest rate in Europe. And much of Europe tries to rehabilitate their prisoners rather than just punish them. They try and provide a programme for jobs.

In America, Fox latest hit series presents Americas worst prisoners for entertainment, as a TV series, the unfortunates are shackled, angry, isolated, frightened, undernourished and suffer racism, for Corporate profit, treated far worse than even now than the animals in Germany and the new norm.

Last years hit series "Amsterdam Nights" sensationalised its Sex and Drugs industry when they should in fact be presented as the one country where the system works and are less problems

to the community with less harm done with Holland having the happiest kids in Europe, they have some of the answers.

Many other kids think they are the luckiest ever to have such realistic and lifelike games and spend now more than 12 hours a day in front of one screen or another. They should be dancing.  

This page is supposed to be lovedup and as your mum would say, and Santo Daime too, if you cannot say nice things about someone, better say nothing at all. But in America, in a recent legal ruling it was held that News programmes do not have to tell the truth. This so aptly named is Fox new sly World and Alan Bennett was right to name the cancer that killed him.

 Murdoch has visited Downing Street three times since Cameron came to power.

 It’s the devils agenda when the right stretch their might

an agenda so black, sane men shake with fright

their outlook so black, causing only more pain,

when there’s enough for all, our leaders play games

 Having so much and still wanting more

then spending it all on some future war

wasting scarce resources that end up in smoke,

better do nothing and work on your jokes 

 I said better do nothing than do something wrong,

Our World of beauty, giving bounty, getting bombed

 Now where was I,I have never really thought about being old and then out of the blue

there’s no getting away from it,

"when I get old and losing my hair, many years from now......"

 I would not dare to complain as there's no suffering, more wallowing and rolling,

like a hippo in mud, with the notion of age. If it looks and acts old, then the chances are.,

I must remember not dance not so close to the speakers next time, my ears rang for days

but I do need to go out dancing more often, for the sheer joy of it. Any invitations welcome.  

Had I lived in Africa or Asia, I would already be old for some time.

I have been comforted enormously by my good friend Jaap who tell me how much I

have aged in the last 6 months. And you have to laugh. As my mates mum said

old age is no place for weaklings, but where else is there to go, I must stop repeating myself.  

Living in a European guardian of Eden, but you have to get a bit, benefiting from the golden age of Europe, freedom from war, fed and fortunate with my share down to the fact that there was a time when all its citizens enjoyed free health and education. Certain boundaries have regressed. The State now relies on private firms to do their work whereas when I was a young man, public service was the order of the day with free health and education for all and the State owning all utilities including power and trains. It worked much better than the current  system whereby profit is the order of the day. We know that having more money does not make you happy, many seem to be worried about holding on to what they have, The poor more practice sharing the little they have

What now!

I read in the Guardian today, the newspaper that confirms my prejudice, all the others are crap, that a British survey concluded that happiness involves living in the present, not daydreaming, and making love. Seriously! The biggest problem Europe

faces is an ageing population, too few young people, too many old people who then die, we need more young people, more babies, we need to be make love more often. We could also Invite India and Africa to join, traditionally both educated and beautifully turned out. If not, as things are, Europe’s population will decline by about a quarter and I could have my work cut out. Mother Nature has freely given her bounty, what to bring to the table, happiness depends on it, see you in Court







Previous Updates



No Final verdict?


Sorry to have kept you waiting but after appearing in front of 3 learned Judges again in Arnhem on the 9th, I had to wait until March 24th for the verdict.

Unfortunately, the verdict went against me and the original sentence of a 650 euro fine or 30 days in Prison and losing my license for 6 months was confirmed.

I have yet to get the written verdict to find out their precise reasoning but will report back when I have done so

I am not 100% sure whether to appeal to the Supreme Court until I have seen the available written evidence although my intuition is to fight for what I believe, especially since I have the benefit of legal aid from the Dutch Government.

 Take the American “Neuropsychopharmacology Magazine” of Jan 9th 2008 , as to the tolerance of the THC effect from taking Cannabis

American scientists investigated differences between THC effects in 30 regular users of Cannabis and 22 non users.

Relative to non users, frequent users showed tolerance to the psychotomimetic, perceptual altering, cognitive impairing and axiomatic effects of THC but not its euphoric effect.

In other words, regular users enjoy its benefits while not affecting their performance, a result that millions, including this one, can and will confirm!

 Since I am registered with my Doctor as a medical marijuana user and THC stays in the blood for up to a month, it effectively means that I can no longer take my medicine and drive.

 We are unable to cross examine the motorbike policeman who stopped me as his evidence is always correct. That being the case, marvel at his X ray vision.

While overtaking me on his motorbike, he sees me nodding off. This represents acute powers of observation in normal circumstances, and even supernatural powers driving at the speed he says we were.

He must also be possessed of X ray vision since my cars steering is on the right hand side and impossible for him to see me while driving his motorbike and overtaking on my left.

One does not question the evidence of the Police but could this particular policeman also be the Joker?

It is too much of an important issue to be decided by the evidence of a joker.

And I continue with my unblemished driving record since the case started over 4 years ago.

The tide is turning, but slowly.

Americas ’ domination of the World Health Organisation and The Worlds Trade Organisation continues to demonise Cannabis. The Times Newspaper recently wrote of Hemps benefits to mankind and wondered why even Cannabis without THC was demonised when its benefits for multiple use were obvious.

 No profit from weed is its only misdeed

So again the Government (and the Law?) acts for Corporate’ greed,

To profit from alcohol, petrochemicals, dirty coal and oil,

While heaping abuse on a plant grown in soil.


What on Earth is going on

When something so right is said to be wrong

Up has become down, left has become right

While the truth remains firmly out of sight.