We arrived back in Amsterdam on the evening of the 16thSept.. There were 7 onboard from the final leg from Harlingen to Amsterdam , over 50km of open water and boy did we need the extra help! Force6/7 North easterly and you realise that with the mainsail up and only a tiller to steer, you can easily be out of control unable to hold on to the tiller and too heavy a wind to lower the mainsail. We sailed with the foresail up and to my eager eyes, it looked and felt good, except off Enkhausen when the wind and waves contrived to roll us from side to side so that even the experienced felt seasick. Then we sailed back into Amsterdam to a glorious sunset. .

It felt great to be back.  

I am reminded of my sailimg inexperience in different ways. The Harbour authorities in Delfzil asked for my address in Amsterdam so that they would send me the bill for harbour duties. While I was trying to spell my address, they asked for the alpha, bravo, charly, kilo official version and all I could think of was asshole, bastards, crap, dickhead version, I promise to do better next time.  

And please keep a bit of an open mind. There can be no doubt that you drive slower and therefore safer after a joint and on a boat that has to be no bad thing.  

Spare a thought for a mate Adam Slayed who first sailing trip is to go singlehanded to the Caribbean, and is currently on a 550 mile sea crossing from Portugal to Lanzarotte, fingers crossed while we continue inland tomorrow if it does not rain, not much chance of running into Adam, A’dam a different matter.

Check out Adams ’ progress and  give him some support, he bloody deserves it and he will be n the Carribbean in the New Year and well worth a visit if you fancy doing some sailing.

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