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After working in the Record business for 30 years as an exec, I realize I could well be a frustrated artist, and this my therapy, and well, I will let you be the judge.


Part Two

Reflections from a lucky old Brit (or Git) or why I love America: Part 2

I worked in America when 21
In Chicago, near Evanston
Worked for GMís electro motive division
My research led to not a single decision.

Start a 8, the boss told me
The keen at 7,6,5,even 3
Not much happened from what I could see
filling time sheets and drinking coffee.

Your pioneering spirit, the strong survive
Your need to compete, aim high.
With money youíre a winner, losers cry
Success measured by what you can buy.
You work too hard, your need to succeed
Business ethics dictating your greed
And America with its commercial voice
Promoting Booze, the worst drug of first choice.

You can get rich in America but not if your poor
How to start anything with no front door
The rich get richer and the poor stay sore
Society reduced to a free for all

You believe a gun is a personal right
Another death, call that a fight
locking away is the official reaction
Europe allows a gentler rehabilitation

Land of the free,
home of the brave
Justice for those,
with money saved.
Over three million in your prison,
poor and black, rebelling against living
Entrenched racism is your historical legacy
Police and State enforcing white supremacy

It seems to me that every way you turn
Your corporate dream needs money to burn
And lifeís hard with the money your on
The State does not help with its minimum
As for me, I have more than I need,
Life is good, I give and I receive,
The branches are many for a lucky few,
Its not only America thatís greedy, Iím inclined that way too.

But last years Americaís trade deficit was a thousand million,
Taking so much more than giving,
wanting more, believing its winning,
Any Religion worth its name would insist its sinning.
Too much can be part of the problem
money alone can not solve them
Working all hours of the day
Winning, in a corporate way.

consuming 5 times more energy than others
long hours worked means more stress than us brothers
look for a new American way
less work will even lengthen your day.
The American dream: die as rich as you can,
The more in the bank, the more youíre a man,
Big business ethics have now taken over, business now makes your rules,
Profit before people, corporate fools,

Eating too much and singing a bigger song
Living in bigger houses, driving bigger cars
Bigger is not better, its hard to believe
In your quest for happiness, its corporate America that deceives.

Can I be so bold without offending
Or should it be my story is ending
I would like to pretend that all is fine
Its not true, I need to get it off my mind.

In the 70 or so generations
Since Christ rose from the dead,
Europeís been fighting
An almost continuuos war:

England slaughtered a thousand years ago;
And the French, the Dutch, and the Poles.
Having fought its own bloody wars
A more civilised Europe now agree laws.

Its a personal decision what faith you choose.
With 3000 to choose from, the odds are you lose
Me, I was born into the catholic gang,
God depends on where you were born.

Moses said the Jews were the chosen few
In a different way Hitler chose a few too.
No one must say they are better than others
study genetics, sisters and brothers.

At the treaty of Rome Europe made a decision
We had no need of an official religion,
We were free to practise our personal choice
But no one religion would speak with an official voice.

America, we want to love you
Young brother so strong
Its less than 20 generations
Since the pilgrims came along

All countries need maturing
And a time to grow
Learn from old Europe
Who has seen it all before
Fighting for their lives,
In another mans war.

In 1790 your Quaker William Penn
Offered protection to Europes unorthodox men.
America from then had sin and religion,
And God from then had a say in the decision.

Your pioneering spirit still going strong
Heroic individuals overcoming all odds
But is Europeís now paying for its earlier policy
Of sending our nutcases to a faraway colony.

Your founding fathers took a nonconformist view
Voices loud, though but a few.
Having travelled to a distant faraway place,
They managed to wipe out the Indian Race.

And a new terror again surrounds us
Some say Muslim, some Jew,
Itís the Christians Iím scared of;
Bush and Blair to name two

Praying together, God on their side
Chests right out, filled with pride.
Repeating their prayers, donít bother to think,
Not even a blush as, the corpses stink.

Bush did not need Blair on his phone,
He would take on the whole World alone,
Finger on the button, safely at home,
Someone elseísí kids about to get blown.

Again and again turning man against man,
Fiercest fighting of all in Jerusalem.
A civilised people does not wage war,
Europe now agrees a workable law.

Finale to follow

Copyright 2008