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 Hello shipmates,

Our World is changing, as if you did not know.

My generation is the first in Europe for a thousand years not have to go to war by command of the King or Queen, their Aristocracy or the Church, and the first to benefit from free higher education and health care for all courtesy of the State. The extraordinary had become normal.

While the original members of the EU, France and Germany in particular, after suffering two devastating wars have said they must not be responsible for the next, the conditions have been put in place in Europe to avoid any internal war or prepare for an external war. The aims of the European Union are amazing if you take out the lies and distortions of our right wing press. For the first time in our history, the core group of European countries invited peacefully other countries to join with the promise to bring their country up to the higher standard of living for all. But they would need to follow the breath-taking laws on human rights as well as accountability and accessibility for all. Itís not perfect - what is? But for me it is a sort of miracle. In all the countries that are actively participating, there is now a quality of life for most of its community that is second to none. There is no official religion, to the consternation of the Vatican, and Europeans are free to follow whatever religion they choose. Each country is encouraged to promote local customs and community activity, there are pavements and parks and public services which most countries enjoy and everything is built on a human scale to such a high quality and maintained and even improved.

I see the gap that has developed between the UK on one side and the rest of Europe on the other with the growing poverty a tragic issue for the poor in the UK. The rest of Europe look after their community much better - starting with the air they breathe. Free boats across the harbour to North Amsterdam 24 hours a day so beautifully organised it takes your breath away. And now a completed public transport system involving 4 carriage trams with helpful conductors, clean bendy buses, enough comfortable trains, safe bikeways, pedestrians walkways and of course canals and boats of all types all happily and quietly coexisting even the fleet of Tesla electric limo style taxis. And most seem to wear a smile. Like the transport system, every one co-exists peacefully and with good will. Not all of course, not in a city where I understand 70% live on their own. But its a quality of life many parts of European enjoy unlike many other parts of the World. And in any direction from Amsterdam for a thousand miles or more within the EU, the same standard of living and quality of life is normal. And this free market of over 500 million promising human rights flourishes, demonstrating what is possible. Its not perfect but itís a political system that works miles better for most especially when compared to totalitarian Russia and China.

For some years now, Putinís Russia and others have actively sowed the seeds of discontent in Europe and the USA. We know for sure that Russia and others were involved in the USA elections and Brexit The sanctions that Europe and America and others have against Russia because of their wars of aggression in the Ukraine are hitting hard at Moscow's elite, it is hitting them where it hurts, it affects the lavish lifestyle, money laundering, travel to the West and luxury houses. Putinís acolytes are getting just a bit restive. While outside of Moscow, the infrastructure continues to fall into ruins as over the years large parts of the Russia country reverts to an almost feudal society where Putin has absolute control of the media and fosters a strong Church and State. Life expectancy continues to fall and alcohol is rife. In Moscow, the young bright kids can earn good money by working in big offices working on social media to promote Putin's war on the west. He has been stopped for now in the Ukraine but he continues his political aims through social media, for sure affecting Trump and Brexit using advances in technology from the military in their shock and awe tactics used on the civilian population through social media and paid advertisements. Working on the largely uneducated white voter teams of bright people work on the margins of influence to maximum effect. While travelling in Asia, I was lucky enough to meet a number of wonderful Russians on holiday from their Government sponsored work who spoke about it, and this was three years ago, and for them it was a kind of game that they were well paid for and their results have been put to deadly effect in Putinís war against the West. We know he kills his enemies openly on the streets of London and Moscow, why would he not use social media for even better results to weaken the UK and America by supporting right wing causes for further mischief promoting discord and discontent. We know that the Russian based Internet Research Agency sent literally millions of Twitter messages targeting Brexit in a 2 month period, the tip of the iceberg.

Similarly, ultra-right wing billionaires promote discord in Europe. Aaron Banks donated more than £9 million to the Brexit campaign which he will not account for, affecting the outcome, social media ads were paid for, upsetting the playing field as well as breaking the rules. Murdochís Sun newspaper ran the headline ďIndependence DayĒ on the day of the Brexit promoting the film of the same name when the citizens of Earth took back control from the aliens. Both the mainstream and social media propaganda supporting Brexit operated and concentrated at the narrowest of margins to nudge opinion. Rich and powerful influence on many levels affects the outcome while the EU stays largely silent and continues to lead by example.

And pro Brexit right wing politicians within the Government refuse to make public Reports on the economic consequences of Brexit, their arrogance knows no bounds.

Similarly, right wing press barons owners of the Times, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Express The Sun Sky news, Fox and more repeat daily lies and mischief concerning the EU and repeated often enough their readers and watchers are influenced.

A clique of right wing billionaires from business, the media and Government, these masters of the Universe want a weakened Europe where each country can be dominated by corporate powers and are accountable only to their board of directors. They want no rules on their ability to earn money and they do not want to pay tax. They do not represent the interests of the Community.

Working together, Europe can take them on! Divided Europe will fail.

Brexit is outrageous. Europe by and large wants London to continue and expand its position as the financial centre of Europe yet we are now losing jobs in Finance and manufacturing. London and elsewhere need not continue to suffer this self inflicted wound. The poor are paying a heavy price. But there is a real war between the financial institutions of America and the UK on one side and the rest of Europe at the other with the Europeans wanting more transparency and accountability. The last major financial crisis was caused by American and spread eventually to the UK and then the rest of Europe who unwittingly bought and sold worthless assets for the commission they would earn from the frequent buying and selling. Europe wants to introduce a financial transaction tax of one tenth of one percent which would slow down worthless transactions and raise enough money to solve the financial crisis. Berlin and Paris introduced the law and the UK should have done so under EU law but George Osborne, probably the worst Chancellor ever, put a stop to it. He referred it to a complaint official and the tax was never introduced. Our masters want no restraint on their money making games, they do not want even the sensible laws of the EU. And of course corporate America refused to join up.  

Itís a selfish agenda when the right flex their might
An agenda so black sane men shake with fright,
Has the World gone mad, or is it me,
Our leaders cocooned in a world that is free.

Having so much, and still wanting more,
Spending it all on some future war.
Raping resources to end up in smoke,
Better to do nothing and work on your joints.

Better to do nothing than do something wrong,
A world of beauty giving bounty getting bombed.
Your outlook so bleak promising only more pain, 
When there is enough for all, the right play games.

Yet we know for ourselves there is much good in the World
The poor from all over share more than just words,
love and affection as well as their food
Sharing more than just words in their zoo

As the sky turns black and the air grows thicker
Our dreadful Government continues to bicker,
At the very heart of industry,
Promoting corporate masters, causing human misery.
Personal wealth at the expense of the worlds health,
Their policies intent on making us all ancient history.

What on Earth is going on,
when the right have got it so wrong,
Up has become down, left has become right,
And the truth remains firmly out of sight.

What else to do apart from put on a brave face.
Brexit a disgrace, we must stay in the race.
Explain our intentions, say how it is,
Fight for our freedom, using social media biz.
ďFight them on the BeachesĒ Churchill once said,
Itís the waves of Thailand are swimming in my head.
Brexit is a farce, you can stick it up my arse.

Viva! for a united Europe! One World! 


And a poem to follow, preaching to myself! 

Age is just a number
Etched in recent stone
It's the mind that really matter
Younger than the surrounding skin and bone  

And I am forced to remember
As I do the occasional 4.30 to 5
The need to maintain my energy
This feeling of being alive  

My desire to keep moving
My need to stay still
This relentless restless feeling
Still looking for the next thrill  

And there is an answer to my problem
A reply to a whispered prayer
It's as if there's something out there
I life force I am not aware  

Moving though a vacuum
Filling an empty space
The power of unseen forces
My willingness to embrace  

And I know lurking near
A gem will appear
A moment in time
When life will be fine

Loving myself, and all of mankind  

For my own mental health I need to accept the inevitable If I cannot change things make them acceptable Only think of things I can change Starting up close within touching range

 Keep life simple, keep life sweet

Get closer to nature, choose with your feet Create heaven on earth, don't pretend it's in space mother. Nature provides for the whole human race

 Loved up, a happy place to be
Music and dance, the universal therapy
Who gives a damn the way you look
Follow the beat, as well as your book!




April 2013 Thailand  

Not much has happened, I went to Thailand twice, went for a 12 night silent retreat both times to Suan Mokkh which must be an organiser's dream since no one can complain except with their feet but you would not dream of it, got back in Jan to the Dam thatís Amsterdam to a flooded boat. Glad I went back, and spent 6 weeks drying out in artic conditions which was fine for a while especially as now in Thailand the temp is hitting 40 and promising to get hotter which is a lot better than freezing your balls off, especially when next to the sea with a breeze in your face What bliss. As I said, not much happened  

The monastery was an eye opener on many different levels from not even noticing the absence of puff to one meal a day and you did not even think of it at the time, and trying to quieten the monkey mind that we possess sharing 98.5% of our genes with monkeys and only 50% with banana's, to the sheer exquisite joy of being so close to nature in the grounds of an old style Thai meditation and teaching monastery. I wonder how many banana genes a monkey has?  

And I had a revelation, truly, after about 60 hours of meditation, I realised, bingo, that the varicose vein on my left leg was an exact copy of the A303 road from London to Plymouth which I could say I know better than the back of my leg. Honest, every twist and turn, Andover , Amesbury, Wyle, Mere, Wincanton, Honiton, Exeter , Plymouth , they are all there. I did not manage to silence my monkey mind for long but it got better the second time round.    

It was only recently that I realised that my Grandfather on my motherís side real name was not grumpy, he had seven daughters, and they say genes usually skip a generation! I need to be careful, I am not old, 70 is quite old, 80 is really old, 60 is not old.  

I guess happiness means different things but uninterrupted periods of contentment, like for a mother with child, or sitting on a veranda overlooking a shimmering sea, the only sound the ocean and the birds and frogs, dogs and even chickens crowing, with a cool breeze in your face, your cheek even kissed with a tear might be another. With your cup half full, maybe happy is not being unhappy. But whatís that got to do with anything?  

There is a war going on.

In England banker and P.M. David Cameron who has the same surname as my grandfather on my motherís side continues to wage war on the working class while further enriching the ruling elite. The trio of:  

1) Right wing media ie Mr. Murdoch and Lord Rothemere

2) Right wing Government ie David Cameron with his 22 millionaires cabinet

3) Corporate and financial institutions who operate right wing principles of profit before people who also call the shots. Those who pay the piper call the tune.  

George Monbiot in the Guardian on Page 29 of the 13th December issue  

"As the theologian Walter Wink shows, challenging a dominant system requires a 3 part process; naming the powers, unmasking the powers, engaging the powers. Their white noise of distraction and obfuscation is the means by which the newspapers prevent this process from beginning. They mislead us about the sources of our oppression, misrepresent our democratic choices, demonise those who try to challenge the 1%."  

Unmasking the powers:  

Rupert Murdoch effectively owns 186 newspapers though he tells us he does not control their editorial policy. He is talking out of his arse. London held the biggest anti Gulf war demo with over 1.5 million marchers against and it made not a blind bit of difference. Not one of Murdochís 186 newspapers was against the illegal war. The media are hand in hand with the Government. Just why was Cameron sending a dozen texts a day to Rebecca Brook, Murdochís British representative?

And the paymasters of the right wing Government and right wing media are largely right wing big business including the financial institutions! They are joined at the hip!

And the working classes continue to suffer.

The recent financial crisis was caused by the illegal activities of financial institutions bailed out by Governments using the public purse and covered up by most of the media. And nothing has changed. Despite the biggest transfer of wealth ever from the public to the private purse, the same ruling elite continue to enrich themselves with literally billions more in bonuses!

David Cameron family were refugees from Germany who escaped to Britain in the middle of the 19th Century. They were welcomed to Britain with open arms and set up as Bankers and were rich within a generation. They adopted the name Cameron as my forefathers on my motherís side did. The name has a nice honest ring to it. It begs the question. David is the first of his family line not to run a bank except that he does but from the position of P.M. 

Engaging the powers! When they refuse to engage?
They the power, we the people!
The 1% V 99%. 
Those that set the agenda v Those that have to cope
Marches with 1.5 million people makes no difference.
The need to target.  

The Right wing Trio continue to talk up the break up of the Euro. 
If things are so bad in Euroland, how come the Euro has strengthened against the pound and the dollar by about 10% in the last 6 months.The European Union has introduced the financial transaction tax of a tenth of 1%, if England and America introduced the same, it would go a long way to solving the crisis. It would stop speculators buying and selling large volumes for a tiny percentage of profit which is one reason why the speculation in food commodities is driving up food prices. If Obama who has surrounded his Government with Wall Street advisors and Cameron accepted this small concession, it would make a big difference. Their greed and selfishness has no boundary. They should be ashamed of themselves. They are no longer accountable! 

 The aspirations of the European Union are less under the control of big business, so far, and more for the people. And who can deny that working together like the countries of Europe without unfortunately The UK is better than not.

The EU exports more than it imports, thank you Germany , we should be in the middle of it, as was originally conceived until hijacked by Britain ís elite. If London adopted the financial rules of Europe, the community in Britain would benefit and ultimately in the best interest of the financial institutions themselves.

Despite what the media tell you, and accepting that mistakes have been made, the EU is a Despite what we are being told the European Community is still a wonderful institution. Open and accountable and accessible.. They promise to reply to enquiries within 48hours.

Better for the people, for the community, for the workers, especially Germany who has bent over backwards for the benefit of the community, you need to hear the whole story. Germany acknowledges it was largely responsible for two catastrophes in the last Century, it does not want to be responsible for a third. But it is war, the EU on behalf of the community and workers on one side, and US and UK financial institutions on behalf of the ruling elite of the right!  

Germany is showing the way for a future without fossil fuel, a mainstay of corporate America . There were days last year when over 50% of German energy needs were supplied by solar and wind energy. And now with Hydrogen power that they are pioneering, they are pointing the way forward. Setting an example for others. And they will also reap the financial benefit of their endeavours.  

The first step somehow is sometimes the most difficult. We know what we need to do but do not do it, almost sabotaging our own opportunities despite little real cost to ourselves.  

In Britain Stop buying, as if you would be, the newspapers of Mr. Murdoch and Lord Rothemere(The Times, the Sunday Times, The Mail and on Sunday, the Sun the Telegraph to name a few) and for your daily fix maybe buy the Guardian the ones who exposed Murdoch in the first place.  

In America also stop watching Murdoch the FOX NEWS to avoid mental pollution.

Support Britain being at the centre of the EU  

or else the Devils Agenda thatís evil with a capital D for Death.  

its the Devils agenda when the right flex their might,
an agenda so black sane men shake with fright,
Has the world gone mad, or is it me?
Our leaders cocooned in a world that is free  

having so much and still wanting more,
then wasting it all on some future war,
taking resources to end up in smoke
better do nothing and work on your jokes.  

I said better to do nothing than do something wrong,
a world of beauty, giving bounty, getting bombed!
Your outlook so bleak promising only more pain,
when thereís enough for all our leaders play games.  

Impossible to explain, known to be true,
Fears become real, out of the blue,
Fearing a lot, giving fears life,
hot as a flame, sharp as a knife.  

Yet we know for ourselves thereís much good in the world,
the poor from all over share more than just words,
love and affection as well as their food
sharing more than just words in their zoo.  

If you look at the facts, you will find it hard to believe,
Without Murdoch subverting the truth for his business need
he does not like Europe , it puts people before profit,
so at every turn his media make mischief their topic, 
sensation and trivia his own personal intention,
the true spirit of the people he daily(ies) offends.  

And as the sky grows black and the air thinner
and our Governments continue their ineffective bicker,
at the very heart of global industry,
serving corporate masters, creating human misery.
Personal wealth at the expense of the worlds health
Their policies intent on making us all history.  

What on earth is going on,
when the right have got it so wrong,
up has become down, left has become right,
and the truth remains firmly out of sight.  

Richard Jakubowski

Back in London for a few days then in Amsterdam before the end of April, when its spring again, tulips from Amsterdam



Line them up

Its been a bit long since the last update, caused in part by my reluctance to pass on depressing news, or maybe, baby, I have mellowed a bit, a bit more resigned, a bit less angry, maybe, still looking for the chinks of light.   

After 6 years, I finally lost my appeal in the Dutch Supreme Court for driving under the influence of Pot. My lawyer said we would win, I guess he would. I thought we would win on a technicality based on the extraordinary behaviour of the original residing judge. Extraordinary from our masters has become ordinary  

As we all know and I might have mentioned before, in Europe, America continues to bully and dominate in the manner of the dominant military/Industrial power to enforce their own warped and draconian policies also including drugs policy.  

The cotton Industry destroys the environment and does not want to compete with the far superior Hemp, nor the wood and paper Industries, nor the pharmaceutical industry from the vast number of Health benefits from Cannabis  

Its like moving back to the dark age, with drones replacing dinosaurs, but its equally ruthless and bloody.  

Even recent news on Coffee shops in the Netherlands is a bit depressing.

In May of this year, coffee shops near the Belgium border with Holland were no longer allowed to sell to foreign tourists operating instead a members club for the local Dutch.

It is not working. The locals do not want to register and provide their names and addresses and business is down in some areas as much as 90%.But standing outside these coffee shops are businessmen offering free samples and a promise of an efficient home delivery service of their favourite choice. The market is reacting to a change in the law and customers will get their supply from one source or other.

This new initiative, at present, is to be extended to Amsterdam in January 2013. It will lead to a reduction in coffee shops especially because they will not be allowed within 350 metres or so from schools despite the evidenced showing they are no risk whatever to schoolchildren enforcing strict rules.

It is unfortunate that these issues were first raised by a pro Cannabis group in Amsterdam .  

Coffee shops have become a social hub for some who might otherwise be on the street. Cultural Divisions dissolve. The streets are calm.

They are extremely well run, some are up market air-conditioned chrome and glass structures others more like a traditional front room. 

The Dutch themselves smoke less Cannabis than the Brits I think and also seem to handle their drink better or maybe they just practise more.

As it is, coffee shops in Amsterdam could disappear at the turn of the year to be replaced by a home delivery service available in hotels, wherever, the market will provide.  

It is the National Government encouraged by International Drug Laws police'd by Americans who want to see coffee shops outlawed. The Mayor does not want it, nor the city of Amsterdam , so it will be interesting to see what happens.

On every measure compared with America , the Dutch system is shown to work. Why do we allow the Americans to dictate their failed policies?? Because Corporate America demands it.  

Mexico is tied to the waist to America on drugs policy and Mexico 's number one issue is the extraordinary violence inflicted on Mexican citizens as a result of US drugs policy. Its actually quite fucking mad. Mexican politicians are grappling for a solution to a problem caused by American consumers. There is a better way.           

Citizens(users) get their supply of drugs from whatever the undergrowth market throws up, while the State on behalf of the Community denies for itself a lucrative source of income.

And a Police forces are spending most of their time and effort, literally, locking up users.



Specifically, from drugs to finance, David C... should be ashamed of himself.

He had a historic opportunity to complete the circle and he blew it.

He is neither benign nor enlightened.

He took a selfish position, not for the benefit of the 99%.


His family were refugee bankers from Germany who to escape persecution, fled to England in the middle of the 19th Century and set up shop here and prospered. And the World has moved on for some more civilised. Many in Germany still want to atone for the conflagrations inflicted twice in the last hundred years on the rest of Europe and most of the  World and do not want a third.

Cameron should have put his hand firmly out to Angela.

Instead, he put both hands into his own pocket. He continued to pursue the short term interests of his own highly privileged group. It is very unfortunate because Europe is good business. It exports more than it imports. Germany is the Worlds leading quality manufacturer. And their "workers" are totally involved. The Germans try and do things proper. And their green credentials, phew!


Originally, when Ted Heath was P.M, London was to be the financial centre of the Community of Europe, willing to join and be an important part of the Community. All for one  and one for all!

A unique community surrounded by a mountain of corporate interest and totalitarian states, instead, humanitarian brothers working together, feeling comfortable, eyeball to eyeball.  

As it is, we are on the outside.  

We are told that if the Banks of the Euro collapse, ours will go with it! We have the worst of both Worlds, unable to influence yet bound by the outcome, hoisted by our own petard.

Those not only selfish but short-sighted bankers. Still Cameron refuses even a tenth of 1% tax on financial transactions which would go a long way to paying for the deficit. The line of battle are extremely clear, David C... and his mates in the States on one side continuing to make excuses,

a better run Europe more on behalf of its citizens and less on the corporate on the other.

and still Cameron advises the rest of Europe to instigate expansionary expenditure to encourage employment when he does not do so himself in his own country.  

And still Cameron punishes the deserving poor and reduces the rate of tax for the  rich, including the very ones that caused the problem. Itís unbelievable.  

And still Murdoch and his 176 newspapers turn out rubbish, focusing on the rare £500 a week claimantís benefit, as opposed to the 6 million below the poverty line.

And David C...says he is "comfortable" with Murdochís line. They are in it together up to their necks!

And nothing has changed. The new Sunday Sun taking over from the old News of the World but outselling it by 400,000, still anti workers rights, still anti Europe , still at the beck and call of its privileged and criminal owners who are good friends of the current Government. The 1% are ruthless in maintaining their privileged position.  

Since the US and Brits were initially responsible for the financial crisis, their involvement for change, and agreement for a 0.1% tax on financial transactions, is both just and fair.  

Yet we can ask David C... no questions, he will tell us no lies, able to deceive, no debate to analyse.  

He should be lined up and if not shot, at least join a line of jobseekers!

I hope Angela puts her foot down and insist on the financial transaction tax before any more rescue plans. Stand firm against the selfish bankers. Their mis-selling of often

worthless assets mixed with others back and forth between themselves taking a healthy commission each time was largely responsible.

These financial transactions are all done electronically, a jumble of assets, passing back through space ending up in vast and unmanageable digital landfills. And their problem is, how do you find the info you are looking for? its the proverbial needle in a haystack? Seriously! two Court cases involving as it happens two US football players currently in the States on this problem, maybe you have a mortgage too? Ask, you never bloody know!  

At the very least, Line them up! At the local jobseekers!  

And reflect that in a peaceful and relatively prosperous Europe compared to the rest of the World, we still have a chance to exercise that prerogative, one of the privileged few, and a factor for our quality of life.

But Why does every generation have to find out for themselves just how selfish are the Tory right. They are waging war on the working classes. Ed and Nick for all our sakes do the right thing do a deal and hold the Conservatives to account! Work more closely in Europe for the benefit of  all in the Community, its a chink,

Make hay while the sun shines!


Richard Jakubowski



Conversationally, my mothers maiden name was Cameron, her family came from Dundee, they were Cambells who at the battle of Bannockburn slaughtered their enemy so viciously that they  changed their name, as it happened to Cameron, to avoid detection.

David C. family and my own are similar in this respect. Both families chose the name Cameron and were grateful to be accepted into British society.

They needed to survive. None of us need go far back before We all need to ask for forgiveness. Its time for us all to move on, including David C...  

The over riding reason for the Common market was to stop a literal thousand years of war. It is a very civilised and civilising institution. More rehab than retribution, more humane less suffering and pain, working together for our mutual interest. It deserves our vote.  

It is not that the right has become more popular, it is because more on the left cannot be bothered to vote, (a)pathetic Voter, Vote for me and I'll vote for you, start a party, get rid of your blues.


 --  ooOoo --


Viva Spain v Italy , better football supporters than foot soldiers!
What you lack in financial muscle, you make up for with football.
Viva Europe, Viva Amsterdam .  

And for my benefit:  

Reflect that not long ago during World War2,
Henry Ford built a car of an organic brew,
A composite car comprising 80% hemp
Ten times stronger than steel, though of an organic bent  

"Grow Hemp for Victory"
The Cry went- out
Why import?
What we can do without.

A plant that grows wild and free everywhere
Cannabis Sativa its correct Latin name
Its benefits to mankind then miraculous
Now reaps derision and blame  

Now more than ever, the truth is there to see,
a plant our saviour, even more than coffee, nicotine, alcohol and tea,
It provides food and clothing, and building material too,
its also a healer including for me too  

No profit from weed is its only misdeed,
again our leaders act for corporate greed,
to benefit from pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, dirty coal and oil
While heaping abuse on a plant grown in soil  

What on earth is going on,
When something so right is said to be wrong,
Up has become down, left has become right,
The truth remains firmly out of site



fight the battle, win the war, third time lucky, changing the law. 

The anger of the 99% is coming to the fore with the protest movement not least because people are more than a little frightened by the uncertainty and possible chaos not only in the financial market but by the problems associated with climate change already affecting millions. Even now half of all amphibian species are in decline and a third threatened with extinction. History has shown that the more complicated the species, the shorter is its stay on earth.

Go down to part one to avoid a rant, or even for those like me who often have a 10 second attention span, do not read it all in one go. 

For now, the current global protest against the financial system should maybe take up the cause of the financial transaction tax, just a quarter to one tenth of one percent tax on shares and other city transactions, otherwise known as the Tobin tax and by the hypocritical rich as the Robin Hood tax, could raise enough money to pay much of the bills. 

Europe wants it, Barossa representing the people of Europe wants it and Angela is becoming more insistent for its implementation, but the Government of Bankers in England and America refuse even this tiny concession to their obscene greed. They remain unbelievably selfish while others suffer. American and British protesters, take up the cause .25 to stay alive. America and Britain say it would not work because it is not worldwide yet if the US and UK were involved, since they were the cause of the meltdown, it would be enough. This single issue, easy to implement, could make all the difference. 
If the selfish do not change, then they must be held accountable. 

The signs are not good. More than a million marched in London against the Iraq war and it made no difference. Much of the media is still controlled by the right and represents their interest. It does not need a million marchers, it needs a million strong pressure group with an effective press office denying the mistruths perpetrated by the right. It also needs small but effective groups ready to picket any organisation propagating mistruth. There are many needs. The pharmaceutical industry in America employ enough full time lobbyists so that each and every congressman and Senator has three full time lobbyists concentrating just on their case representing the interests of the drugs industry. There needs balance.

Most are already aware that our current chaotic financial was a stitch up caused by American financial Institutions who packaged worthless assets - the mortgages that were mis-sold to people who could not afford to pay for them- for the commissions that they would earn and these worthless assets were bundled together into packages that were then sold and sold again and again and again to other banks whose directors and brokers worldwide all benefitted massively from the enormous commissions that they earned selling assets that were worthless. The pubic purse was used to bail out the basically criminal activities of the servants running the banks and financial institutions. In the process, we the saw the biggest transfer of wealth to private individuals since HENRY VIII ANNEXED, now there's a lovely word, the Catholic Church and all its land and wealth in England. And now when the Buffett tax tells it how it is, many of the same stinking rich accuse the victims of their criminal activity of waging a class war! Yes, bring it on, we want justice, especially for the starving for we are all the chosen ones.

Mr. Cameron tells Europe to go for greater integration yet he stays out of the Eurozone. When Ted Heath was negotiating Britains full entry into the European Union, it was intended that London would be the financial centre of Europe, a zone of special interest, which would have befitted the whole of Europe. Instead the right championed a move towards the American model of fewer rules for the benefit of Big business. Mr Cameron's forefathers were refugee bankers from Germany still intent on maintaining their private interests, he should reflect.

How can our current British Government ape the antics of the American system when 47million Americans are below the poverty line with many cities no go areas at night for pedestrians because it is not safe out there as well as there being no pavements.

Europe benefits its citizens much better. You do not hear about this on Fox news. 

In America, secure and segregated gated communities are available to those who can afford them further widening the social gap between the haves and have nots. We know that stress is the biggest killer in America and we know people are stressed when they see unfortunates destitute. By comparison, citizens in Japan and Europe enjoy a longer life, due to 3 or more factors including genetics, a more egalitarian and fairer society which makes people less stressed, diet and exercise. In America, the two most favoured activities are driving and eating so that Americans now eat half their meals at the wheel.

And for many of the citizens of Russia and China, although theur autocratic regimes can benefit growth bulldozing though enormous projects, its the 1 percent who benefit. Most citizens suffer dreary lives in polluted overcrowded cities or suffering starvation in the countryside because prices of basic commodities have risen so fast. In Russia, half of all males have been imprisoned at some point as an instrument of repression by the state. In China, there were reported over 60,000 cases of civil disturbance in one year repressed by the largest state apparatus.
Is it any wonder that the family is so important in these two countries, both populations having to suffer enormous deprivation because of the psychotic actions of their own leaders.
And the rich all over drive bullet proof BMW and Mercedes. 

Europe has had its own problems but we should count our blessings and recognise that in an imperfect world, its 99% have it better than elsewhere.

Since Thatcher, Britain has joined America for unfettered capitalism and the twin towers of enormous wealth and extreme deprivation and it does not have to be that way. The rest of Europe without the UK, have worked on building a Community for the benefit of its citizens who collectively are better able to take on big business. 

The community originally came into being and Germany and France said after WW2 how could they ensure that Europe after a thousand years of fighting forged a lasting peace, seriously! to put an end to a thousand years of fighting! 
They agreed to share the coal fields on their borders that were the ultimate reason for the war and this economic cooperation led to closer ties in many areas of common interest. The well oiled German Industrial machine combined with the science of French bureaucracy and Benelux and the Netherlands at its heart then over time invited the rest of Europe to join their club providing they followed the rules. Now with 27 members with the aim of bringing everyone up to the standard of the richest. Unfortunately, Europe Agricultural policy of large subsidies has cost the community dearly but while the system is not perfect, it is by far the best there is more for the benefit of its inhabitants. Europe has more of all the best there is to offer Russia is a gangster state and China a totalitarian one and the state insists you follow the official line and prison or worse for those that do not. China does not benefit its citizens, there are reported to be 60,000 anti Government demonstrations as for one half of the population in the country get poorer as prices rise and those in the City have to endure weary lives in dreary towns. The only plan is more industry with all its worst effects of low wages and pollution. Change has to come and a united Europe has shown the way!

After the second World War in the UK, the people thru the Government owned the coal pits and the steel mines, the electricity gas and water companies, as well as the train companies, nationalised, owned by the Nation. Many who worked for these companies were proud to continue the practice of public service and by and large these utilities worked well for the benefit of the community. We need to turn back to this model. 

During that early postwar period in the UK, the National Health service also came into being and I was also able to benefit from a free education and financial assistance while at Uni. England for a while and was a truly socialist country and its people truly pulled together for a better future. In many ways since Thatcher the UK has gone backward while much of the rest of Europe has continued its European Community ways only more recently polluted by the effects of privatisation.
It needed the shock of a war when people had to work together to produce the socialist and labour reforms of 1945-51 and it maybe needs another war on some financial institutions to effect dramatic change. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Europe should now go on its knees to Germany so different from 60 years ago. The Germans hard work and efficiency in production and design and labour relations have enabled them to be rich and compassionate enough to bail out the rest of Europe.  They export more goods than America. Europe balances its trade. The Governments of America and England are now calling on the Eurozone to get it together yet they seem to forget that the euro has increased its value against the £ and $ by about a third since it came into being. I guess one consequence of a reduction in value of the pound and dollar is that they pay in real terms less interest on their outstanding trillions debt to the Chinese and the Arab countries, how very convenient.
The USA and British Governments are calling on the EU to raise a 2 trillion dollar bail out fund to further transfer money to the financial sector. Maybe the EU is right to be cautious as their plans could just further enrich the super rich.
Maybe its the swing of the pendulum. After the German activities of six or seven decades ago, they have tried to make up for it to the extent that the German Government is the only Government to take responsibility for the welfare of animals recognising them as sentient beings. There is little animal testing in Germany. 

Germany is the only country whose Government has accepted their electors decision of no new nuclear generators and for the phasing out of existing ones. This is despite the fact that Germany is surrounded by countries with nuclear power. They are setting a standard for others. This will result in German Industry investing in alternative energy that will benefit their industry and eventually everyone else too.

Germany has long been admired for its workers rights and their kids gave have a much better chance of getting training and jobs, because they do things properly.

In every area, Germany are the pioneers of Europe and demonstrate a better way, even though you might not want to live there. 

Manufactures of packaged goods in Germany are responsible for recycling this packaging collected at the point of sale. Return the empty packets to the shops you bought them from. We should all be following this green model not the unbridled consumerism and waste of America.

Many energy experts believe we passed the point of peak energy last year or this year, the point where demands for petrol or oil exceeds supply hence the US wars in the Middle East. Petrol Companies have a tendency to overestimate their reserves to bolster their balance sheet. And in the short term, things could get serious, yet in the middle term, the outlook is rather positive. Europe with Germany and France at its centre is putting in a system of energy carrying cables that will eventually connect Europe to The deserts of North Africa for solar energy to the North pole for hypothermal energy, and any wind and wave production, including even using nuclear until it can be replaced. And our homes will have a device that will switch automatically from one energy source to another depending on the sun shining and the wind blowing, all within maybe 30-40 years. In the meantime, we have to ensure that the minority who have their freedom value it.

Unfortunately, Murdock continues to set the agenda including criminal mischief. He does not like the Community of Europe as it is able to limit the power of their companies. So their TV and press have been biased against Europe. The press Industry has virtually no controls at all. They are allowed to print lies and affect attitudes of viewers and readers. Their greatest crimes are the lies that their papers continue to spew out thru the TV and press reducing the lowest common denominator to the norm. Shock jocks with the Tea Party ferment outrageous attitudes, all controlled by a small club of rich and selfish men, even denying the benefits of the Buffett tax. 
The biggest demo in the UK ever was the anti War march and not one of Murdoch's 176 newspapers was against the War, distorting not reporting. And despite the ongoing criminal investigations, their corrupting powers and campaign of misinformation for the benefit of big business and not e community continues unabated. They should be charged for crimes against humanity.

And our British Government of rich men is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

It seems that every generation in England has to discover for themselves how corrupt and self interested are the Conservative ruling elite. Cameron's only job previously was as a banker, he does not represent the interests of the community. He promotes for private profit in the Health Service, the Prison and education services as well as defense and private security and others when the firm evidence from America shows that for profit companies do not benefit the community. Standard go down, the customer become a client, a number, holding on the phone for hours, waiting for a machine to answer, and being charged 10p a minute for the privilege, For profit for public service stinks. 
I will not mention the barbaric US penal system imprisoning for profit over 10 times per head than Europe, keeping prisoners in solitary being standard practice. Cameron is promoting this way of life, the 1% benefit.

Part 1

The right are all powerful,
all pervasive, all strong,
controlling the media,
confusing right from wrong

for an answer to the problem,
a reply to a whispered prayer
there has to be something out there
a life force I'm not aware

moving though a vacuum,
filling an empty space
the power of unseen forces
the willingness to embrace

Lovedup, Reasons to be cheerful had the privilege of getting drunk with Ian Drury when he was with the Blockheads and I was Marketing Manager of Pye Records with a drinks cupboard. I guess I was one of the crew that Keith Richards described as white twits in the business that did not know their ass from their elbow yet still the one eyed man flourished. But this is no reason to be cheerful, it was a thousand years ago. How about the news that some mega rich are offering to pay more taxes. Is this not an answer to our current financial woes, and good for business too

I know lurking near 
a gem will appear,
a moment in time 
when life feels fine
liking myself
and loving mankind

for my own mental health
accept the inevitable
if I cannot change things
make them acceptable
only think about 
things I can change
starting up close
within touching range

Keep life simple, keep life sweet,
get closer to nature, choose with your feet,
create heaven on earth, do not pretend its in space
Mother nature provides for the whole human race.

is the way to be
music and dance
the universal therapy
who gives a dam
the way you look
follow the beat
not a story book

We know that dancing is good for us and we have the evidence from recent research. We know that the Muslim World a thousand years ago prescribed certain types of music depending on the ailment as medicine.

You might think that feeling good is very good but that it does nothing to help the situation but you could be wrong. Has anyone seen Darren Browns experiments. If your cup is rather half full rather, rather than half empty, then you influence for a better result. Though I guess it depends on what's in the cup

On a practical level, we should hand over all the worlds financial institutions and trade practices to Germany. If anyone can sort it out, then they can. They do it properly
A New Europe needs to centralise those things that need centralising and de-centralise everything that can be handled on a local scale. 
And celebrate the differences 
Germany with France and Benelux and the rest of Europe have shown through their existing policies that they offer the best plan for the community. Get out and see. 
While including Greece might have been a mistake, it does not take away from the founding fathers original magnificent aims of eventual economic equality for those involved, the richer helping the poorer. Invite Switzerland to join if it follows the rules and if that idiot Cameron wants to stay outside, make Switzerland the financial centre.
Its all very well America and Britain bullying Europe to put up another 2 trillion Euros into the kitty, but if it ends up again mainly going in the hands of American and British financial institutions, then maybe its time to bring up , make again the subject of the quarter of one percent financial transaction tax on those same financial institutions before handing over any more money. VIVA

Its not exactly rocket science, it needs an all inclusive system which is also accountable, the very model for the European community, and the people of the rest of the world should be protesting to join despite what Murdochs press and TV say. VIva the 99%! With Justice in the Hague. I Am R U?

These matters make my appeal against driving dangerously under the influence of marijuana pretty low on the list of priorities yet legalising and cultivating non t.h.c (the active ingredient in Marijuana) crops for their many benefits could play a part in repairing our planet. Cotton has destroyed vast tracts of land and Cannabis Sativa plants can heal this soil as well as being a fantastic and improved alternative to cotton, and America continues to object. 

Whats all this got to do with my case which after about 6 years is due in the Supreme Court some time next year. 

For me, I am taking up the case the only way it has been offered..

America's business interests continue to dominate the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) as their drones patrol enemy territory. 
American business interests also dominates the body that is tasked with controlling the the Worlds drugs policy - the International Narcotics control board the I.N.C.B. 

American interests set that policy. Even now, Obama is unfortunately taking action against the medical marijuana policy policy that has grown up in California. 
American foreign policy affect our lives and their foreign policy is as messed up as their domestic situation.

Europe has to set the agenda for the cause of the community, the 99%

I am asking too much, though my cup is filling.

I was in the middle of a Santo Daime work having drunk two large glasses of thick brown almost bitter honey, the brew called Santo Daime in the Santo Daime work and known as ayahuasca, an ancient brew used in Shamanic works and medicine in Brasil and other parts of South America.
The Santo Daime ceremony is based on the Christian ritual and prayer to include masses of singing and dancing, and boys on one side, girls on another, dancing the same steps to the same rhythm 1-2-3 to sublime music. Some of the time, when its good its very very good, and when its not, its not. 
It is a very safe environment and with so many involved appears to be quite normal. 
Santo Daime translates as Saint Give-me, a favoured highly flavoured cup of tea 
Santo Daime Christian based ritual puts a lot of people off and I must admit my prejudice supports this view, for years beating myself up with the contradictions. Now I realise it provides a beautiful ritual and a safe environment for singing and dancing. That's all that matters. During the ceremony, everyone tries to stay in their own space. If it feels good, then its doing you good. Everything else might be garbage.
Hallelujah, and pass the plate.

Viva Amsterdam, Viva Germany, Viva Europe.


Legal Update, June 2011

Ramblings through Thailand

November 2010

Christmas 2009

Travel Update 13 Oct 09

Sailing Update 13 Oct 09


Evidence (so grand the gift, so small the sin)

Cannabis and Driving, a scientific and rational review


Now and then  

With a cascade of euphoria to our receptors

The brain in a state of bliss

The feeling you get from smoking a joint

Too good for too many to miss


We are free to choose what substances we use

Cannabis provides a wealth of good news

Smoke this weed, until your eyes bleed,

Satisfied with now, not some future need


A lady who can make you high,

laugh so much you want to cry

Night turns to day as time slips by

A smiley face, a happy sigh


Called Marijuana, Santa Maria , Mary-Jane,

Soft and gentle, also releases pain

Hemp is the male, grows fast and firm

Provides for mankind needs, with fuel left to burn


The evidence is overwhelming, explore and see

A plant, our saviour, even more than coffee, nicotine, alcohol and tea

Provides food and clothing, building materials and fuel

As a medicine, a healer, even healthy nutrition too..


Hemp offers a very real and immediate solution

To deforestation and Industries pollution

It cleans the topsoil of contaminated oil

Needing itself little water nor toil


When our World was at War, World War 2

*Henry Ford* made a car with an organic brew    

A composite car comprising 80% hemp


Much stronger than steel though of a natural bent

Hemp for Victory, the US Government then shouted

The evidence provided, no one then doubted

We can grow our cars, the cry went out

Why import what we can do without


With their once in a billion year rape of the Worlds resources

America then had to provide for themselves in mid-course,

With few imports possible, they had to adapt

And decided on Hemp, to help avoid a collapse


A weed that grows freely everywhere

Cannabis its correct Latin name

Its benefits to mankind THEN miraculous

NOW reaps derision and blame


What on earth is going on

When something so right is said to be wrong

Up has become down, left has become right

The truth remains, firmly out of sight


No corporate profits from weed is its only misdeed

So again our rulers act for corporate greed

To profit from chemicals, plastic, pharmaceuticals and oil

While heaping abuse on a plant grown in soil


Users become voters, change our fate

Take responsibility for the current state,

Create a groundswell of the environmentally committed

Would anyone whose read this far remain seated.




What on Earth


Our Prime Minister, a sad faced clown,

No matter the evidence, his face, a frown,

Reared from the stock of God fearing Presbyterians

Water to Wine; HIS mind expanding experience


Unwilling to debate the issue that matter

The main concern; that corporate backers get fatter

unable to communicate policies through

Issues reduced to a sentence of spin, or two.


Since we can ask no questions,

We are told no lies

Able to deceive

No debate to analyse.


War against drugs, no light for the blind,

War in his head, war on his mind

War is no answer, death is no game,

Leaders solve problems, yet cause even more pain


The type of dealer his policies produce

Will provide a range for even more use

No Mary-Jane Ė then something else for the brain,

Our kids can expect only more of the same


The trend is down in Cannabis use

Making illegal excites rebellion in youth

Others on the increase, marijuana use is down

A coherent policy would suggest the other way round


As the sky turns black and the air grows thicker,

Governments continue their ineffective bicker

At the very heart of global industry,

Serving corporate masters, creating a community of misery.


America , again, calling the tune

Creating dissention, harmony in ruin

A policy devoid of any sane logic

But personal wealth and corporate profit


This free gift of nature, this plant divine

Has benefited all, in past and recent times

It is not for everyone, but what is

Do not inhale if you dislike getting blitzed


For our own mental health, accept the inevitable

If we cannot change things, make them acceptable

Only worry about things we can change

Starting up close, within growing range


Keep life simple, keep life sweet

Get closer to Nature, choose with your feet

Create heaven on earth, donít pretend itsí in space

Mother Nature provides for the whole human race

Poetic License 



Snowing steadily since London , I had not come far,

Driving very carefully, no more than 90 an hour,

It was a bright starry night though the snow now light

And even Belgium under a blanket looked a pretty sight


Looking ahead at the road, I thought I saw stars

Shining up from the ground, they were not so far

In a flash, I realised I was looking at a reflection

While floating on ice, in totally the wrong direction


Steer into the turn and keep your feet off the brake

Shit, shit, shit, not in control of my fate

Steer into the turn and keep your feet off the brake

Shit, shit, shit, still not in control of my fate


The offside front bumper was sliding along the central reservation

And I was having doubts about my personal preservation

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck what now

Just as the road was reaching the brow


As luck would have it, I stayed on the road

Truckers not believing what their eyes had been told

Shaking a little I set off again slowly

Into the unknown but not quite so boldly


Little did I realise that within a few hours

the pol-ice not the ice would put me behind bars

By Utrecht , the ice melted, it offered no fear

But like black ice from nowhere a motorcycle cop would appear


Arrested for admitting to smoking weed

earlier with a coffee in a layby near Breeda

Since my Doctor confirms I am a medical user

The police can be considered legal abusers


At the station I was also charged for speeding

Fresh charges from nowhere later appearing

No choice but some blood and what I was peeing

And a cell does not help much that Xmas feeling


Charged with t.h.c. in my blood

Driving so they say a little faster than I should

My license withdrawn, my driving suspended

My plans for Xmas totally up-ended


 The samples later suggested a low level of t.h.c

Little effect to an experienced user like me

It affects my enjoyment but not my attention

Driving more slowly my honest intention


The Police in Utrecht 20 years earlier did their research

And recent neurophysialogical evidence adds to the work

Pot slows you down, you modify your behaviour

For experienced users, a long distance Saviour


Booze makes you think you can fly

Over the top rather than round the sides

Pot slows you down and tends to send

the experienced user slowly around the bend


A year ago, a year later, the Prosecution presented

Incorrect information as to the charges intended

The Judge asked if I had anything briefly to say

My big chance, my big day , my say.


Since the evidence against me was a farce

I replied the Prosecution was talking out of their arse

Little realising the effect this would cause

A Court of official females in total uproar


The power of words to shock was intended,

The facts of the case had been ignored, reality suspended

My licence withdrawn and a hefty fine too  

I said I appealed with this crazy ass view


Please excuse my rudeness that caused a sensation

Perhaps poetic licence was lost in translation

All proceeding in Dutch, I was up at the front

My legal translator in the Courts rump


I am always genuinely sorry for causing offence

But the court had decided no matter my defence

Over 2 years late, another Court Date

Santa Maria continues a mate


It is not me thatís on trial,

but Mother Natures intended

The Court represents the corporate defence

who will help Nature  get defended


No profit from weed is its corporate misdeed

So again our Government acts for corporate greed

To profit from petro-chemicals, plastic, dirty coal and oil

While heaping abuse on a plant grown in soil

 in a cell of his own making

 wondering, staring, waiting

The truth will come out

Sanity willt prevail


in the land of the free

home of the brave

justice for those

 with money saved


the rich, are they happy?

my bill, make it snappy

they suffer from stress, aliens at best

last orders early, still dressed to  impress  


off to India for sun and adventure

and maybe inexpensive work to my dentures


It has to be naturally true

Nature is legal too

When times are hard, it calls for special measures

Nature can help provide for lifeís little pleasures


Money does not grow on trees

Unless of course your growing weeds

If you need to put food on the table

What is wrong with a few plants in the stable


Richard Jakubowski



Copyright 2009